Who We Are: 

SureFire Electronics is an employee-owned company located in the beautiful high-plains of Northwest Kansas. We embrace open-book management which informs and empowers our employees to continuously improve our products and services.


We desire to be your preferred-partner for OEM-Quality wire harnesses, cable assemblies, electronics, box builds and complete turn-key electronics solutions.


sure-fire (shôôr' fahyuhr) adj.: Certain; Reliable; Effective; Bound to be successful or perform as expected: "a surefire solution to the problem"

Our History.


SureFire Electronics is nestled in the high-plains town of Atwood, Kansas and is a subsidiary of SureFire Ag, a manufacturer of precision fertilizer application products.


SureFire Electronics was born out of the need for high-quality wire harnessing and electronics in the booming SureFire Ag products. Frustrated with sub-standard quality, delivery dates not being met and poor communication, SureFire Electronics was born with the goal to bring high-quality electronics products into the precision ag market. SureFire Electronics was an immediate success and has not only improved the SureFire Ag product, but expanded into several other markets in the region and all over the United States.


Our quality and service are second to none. Let us show you how we can improve your products!



Our Promise.


We believe in providing you solutions with reliable communication and excellent service. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers and becoming an intricate partner in their success. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle late changes, rush orders, large orders or one-off prototype harnesses. We are here to make you and your products successful.


We understand that cost is just as important as quality in your product. It is our goal to offer the best price on any quantity. Delivery is just as important. We will work with your team to ensure your production needs are met. We never make a promise we cannot keep. No excuses.