Wire Harness Design
Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Manufacturing


SureFire Electronics can assist you in the design and layout of any wire harness. Our in-house engineering can be leveraged to design a harness solution or improve upon an existing harness.


We can take any harness description or crude hand drawing and create an easy to read layout and schematic.

SureFire Electronics specializes in the manufacturing of OEM quality wire harness and cable assemblies.


SureFire products are manufactured using a combination of automation and hand assembly to decrease costs and increase quality.

  • Komex Cut & Strip Machines

  • AMP Terminal Presses

  • TELESONIC Ultrasonic Welders

  • Gladding Braiding Machines

  • Tooling for most popular terminals

Harness Braiding

SureFire Electronics can take your existing harness and apply harness braiding.


In the Agricultural, automotive, heavy equipment and many other industries, a harness encased in split loom or electrical tape just will not hold up.


SureFire utilizes a 0.040" PVC coated Nylon braiding material. The braiding process tightly wraps your harness and provides superior moisture and oil resistance as well as impact resistance.


We stock several different colors of braiding material to personalilze your harness.


SureFire Electronics can help you with Box Builds or assembly of circuit boards and controllers.